Scire Populum et Potentiam is my commentary blog on current events, geopolitics, and people’s movements.  The title is Latin for “know the people and power.”

Though I appreciate the sentiment in those who have offered support or patronage, your gifts to organizations and activists who work full-time are most welcome.  Some possibilities are civ.works and Democracy Now.

Below are blurbs from prominent activists, kind enough to comment on my content.

A great contribution.
Fine work, badly needed,
these days more than ever.

–Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, September 2017

People will find
an interesting and
eclectic mix of
topics and approaches
at Scire Populum et
Potentiam. A visit
will be worth the

–Dean Baker, co-Director of the Center of Economic and Policy Research, September 2017

Neil P. Slagle is
eloquent and has a
unique systems-level
insight into the
accumulation of power.
[...] Please consider
taking a look at his
vital and growing body
of reporting and

–George Polisner,  Director of Civic Works, October 2017

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